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Been sitting on this since I saw the E3 MGSV trailer and I’ve been super hyped for the game so this is my tribute to the story of Big Boss~!

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Hey all, reminder that I have a twitter and I’m using it a lot more now. If you want to see more frequent updates and musings it may be worth a look c:

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Another horse study painting, full body this time :o
Reference is this photograph.
Andalusian horse head study using this reference
Q: Omg! Your such an amazing artist! Could I just ask for some advice? How did you get so good? How much do you draw on a weekly basis? Any advice on drawing?

First of all, thank you for the kind words! I draw every day, if I can’t draw on my tablet I have a sketchbook to doodle in.

Advice I can give is to use references, especially on areas you are weaker in. Practice drawing things you struggle with; through observation and you’ll eventually improve. It may be boring drawing the same thing every day but trust me on this when I say you’ll see an improvement and be much more confident later on.

I use this site a lot for drawing from life and it’s an excellent resource for poses, hand and face references. Do some of their 30 second gesture challenges every day, It really helped me draw quicker!

Draw every day even if you are not happy with the result, it is never a waste of time: every mistake is one step closer to evolving as an artist. A mistake is only a mistake if you fail to learn anything from it.

Finally, never ever give up; drawing is a skill that can be learnt with enough time put in!

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Q: Can I just say your art is AMAZING

Thank you so much <3

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